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Do you use any pre-made bases, mixes or products?

No. Every item is handcrafted by hand, from scratch. My whipped butters, soaps, lotions, salves, creams, sprays, liquid soaps are all original formulations.

I do occasionally use a glycerin melt and pour for embeds on top of a few soaps. The description will always note the use of these and the ingredients are always listed in the extended details of every item.

Are all of your products vegan?

No. I do make some products with local, raw honey and raw beeswax which is considered to not be vegan though these bees are well cared for and not in any danger. I strongly feel like beekeeping is critical in saving the bees which give us all life. All product descriptions clearly state if the product is vegan. I’m working on adding an easy to see graphic to each vegan product description.

All of my products are cruelty-free.

The “milk” and “cream” I use in my products are coconut unless otherwise noted.

I may occasionally make an animal fat soap, by request.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Since I have the liberty of displaying my items in an e-commerce format, I can do away with excessive “display” packaging. The shrink wrap I use is a biodegradable shrink wrap. I offer low and zero waste products. I am currently working on some new recycled cardboard and fabric options for packaging. Glass containers will always be a type that can easily be recycled in your bin or repurposed for items in your home. Due to safety, any bath products have to be packaged in heavy duty plastic containers, however some products can be refilled without wasting another jar.

Why do you list all your ingredients?

Putting an ingredient label on soap is not a requirement! This means there could be legitimately anything in your soap. I want you to be informed about what products you are using. I would also not want anyone to ever have an allergic reaction to something they’ve used and I feel like ingredients are important. I also want you to see the quality of the products you are using..

Do you wholesale?

Yes, I can do wholesale. Please contact me at for more information or click the email link at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind that cold process soap requires a 6 week minimum cure time.

What is Tussah Silk?

Tussah silk is the cocoons of the Tussah silkworm. The wild cocoons are collected after the moth has already emerged and abandoned their former home. No silkworms are killed in the process of collecting the silk and no adverse pesticides are used as in mulberry farming. There are many opinions by vegans and vegetarians if the use of this silk is right for them. It is a personal decision everyone has to make for themselves. This silk is cruelty-free.